Pains and Gains of Leading in the Digital Age (Las Vegas 2022)

Many in our broad Lean-Agile-DevOps movement have a common purpose, to improve the everyday lives of developers building the world’s most important systems. In turn, that serves an even greater purpose, which is to improve the lives of the billions of people who use those systems for their basic, security, comfort, livelihood, and happiness. But we are a diverse collection of thinkers and opinions abound as to how to best achieve this. What we can agree on is that the right kind of leadership matters. In this 20-minute plenary session, Dean Leffingwell discusses the “Pains and Gains of Leading in the Digital Age.” He shares experiences that illustrate just how sharp these pain points can be, the mindset, core values, and principles that can be used to address them, and how the most successful enterprise leaders are leading by example.


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Dean Leffingwell

Cofounder and Chief Methodologist, Scaled Agile