Las Vegas 2022

Disney Global SRE – Creating Digital Magic

Let us tell you a story about a century-old organization that has scaled its SRE practice to ignite digital magic across the globe. This team of SRE Jedi Knights is on a mission to foster curiosity, communities of practice and technology awesomeness while venturing where no SRE has gone before. In this talk, we will deliver epic stories of successes, setbacks and failures while pushing large-scale platforms to their limit and delivering the best in-seat, digital experiences, products and content to our guests and subscribers across the globe.Scaling SRE & Embedded Teams in the EnterpriseChampion best practices in Infrastructure, Automation and Delivering with reliability at the core.Building a high functioning Global SRE Organization that fosters a great culture, believes strongly in automation, removing toil, IaC and improving processes.


Jason Cox

Director, Global SRE, The Walt Disney Company