US 2021

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Day 3 Morning Close

We hope you enjoyed the morning plenary talks.


Jeff Gallimore

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Excella



It's not a surprise. We had another terrific set of plenary talks to get us started on our final day of the DevOps enterprise summit. We're heading into the right now. So just a few things to know before you go. The breakout talks are starting at 11:20 AM. Central time. Check out vendor dome at 12:20 PM. Central time. Couple of our sponsors are discussing what it means to be a developer in the era of increasing cyber crime. So you can protect your innovation, your software, and your sanity. We have the networking time again today with birds of a feather and lean coffee starting at 2:55 PM central time. The birds of a feather sessions will be in the birds of a feather room and gather lean coffee. We'll be in zoom and you can get the zoom link and the lean coffee channel in slack. Speaking of birds of a feather, the special session for today is okay, ours.


And it's hosted by John smart, the author of sooner, safer, happier. John gave a talk on OKR earlier this year for the DevOps enterprise summit, Europe, virtual, that talk is available in the video library and it's called okay. Not okay. Okay. Ours, you might want to watch that talk during a break before the networking time to hear Jon's thoughts on what, okay. Okay. Ours look like and what not, so, okay. Okay. Ours look like, and then join the session during the networking time in the birds of a feather room and gather it will be in the space in the bottom right corner of that room. Today is your last day to visit our sponsors in the virtual expo hall. Go talk to them and find out how they can help you on your dev ops journey. And this is also your last chance to play the games for a chance to win stuff and who doesn't like winning stuff. And we're back here for the plenary talks at 4:15 PM central time. So with that go connect, share, learn, and we'll see you back here a little later in the day to wrap up the summit.