Day 3 Closing Remarks (US 2021)

We hope you had a great Day 3 of DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual - US 2021!

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Gene Kim

Founder and Author, IT Revolution


Jeff Gallimore

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Excella



Well, here we are. We are at the end of the conference programming. Thank you so much for being with us for the last three days. And I hope it has been fantastic and worthwhile. I hope you learned a ton. I hope you've been inspired by the success stories of your fellow travelers, that we've learned things that will help you in your own journey and that you've had meaningful and mutually exothermic interactions with your colleagues and that you've been given even more evidence that the work you're doing matters. Oh. And that you actually had fun too. So we are nearing the point where I have to ask the question that I'm always a little bit nervous asking, was this the best DevOps enterprise summit that we have put together and run, please by indication, put it into slack. And I'm sure, hoping the answer is yes.


And I want to thank the program committee. Everything you've seen is a collaboration with them from the very beginning in 2014, Jason Cox, Cornelia Davis Dominica, DeGrandis Damon Edward Scott, Prugh Jeff gala Moore, Ben Grinnell, Cornelia Davis, Courtney Kissler, Dr. Topo pal, John smart. I also want to thank the conference ops team that is Aaron and the guy won team. That's Arna Mitesh Alice and Lawrence given all the things that can go wrong throughout the conference, whether it's DNS, API limits, streaming problems, SSL certificates, GPU's video transcoding errors. I have a whole new appreciation for the number of minor miracles that almost go right in order to deliver online services when it matters the most. And thank you to the entire it revolution team like you. Last year, we came into 2020 with a plan and all of it was thoroughly upended by COVID-19. I've told many people never in my entire career, have I ever had to be part of a planning effort that was so time critical, where I knew so little about basically everything.


And I'm so proud of what we've been able to do and create for you over the last two years. And so hats off and my thanks to the entire IQ revolution team for figuring out how to pull these events together. So that absolutely includes my boss and my wife, Margaret Kim, as well as Molly Coyne and Perry Cura VU, Alex Brodrick, Forster, and Noack, Leah brown, Diana Wiseman. Oh. And of course my buddy and QMC Jeff Palomar. So as you know, by now, I've asked every speaker to end with the slide that says help, that I'm looking for. So here's the help that I am looking for. Uh, one feedback is love. Tell us what you loved and ideas on how to improve. Please post them in slack in the general channel. Number two, if you are interested in co-presenting with your business leader counterpart, or if you have a CEO or COO who wants to talk about how much they value the work that you do, let's talk, please DM me or email me at Jean K at it, And lastly, if you have any ideas or on how this community can better interact outside of the conferences, please let me know. And I will loop you in to a group that is continues to study this, which includes John smart, Nick Eggleston and James Moodley. Okay, once again, thank you everyone. And I'm so looking forward to seeing you all soon in whatever form that takes and over to you, Jeff, to close. Thank you.


We're almost at the end of this year as dev ops enterprise summit, we want to give one more shout out to our sponsors before we wrap up, because there's such an important part of our community, thanks to it. Revolution for bringing us this fantastic DevOps enterprise summit event and getting this amazing community back together. A huge thanks to our premier sponsor. LaunchDarkly a big thank you to all our virtual BFF sponsors. Thanks to our virtual good friend sponsors and thanks to our media sponsor for helping us share this community with the rest of the world.


Thank you so much to all of our sponsors for adding some sparkles to our dev ops journeys over the last three days reminder that we have the videos available in the video library, all the plenary talks and the breakout talks are available to you. Now, the slides for the talks are also available for download in the video library, linked to each talk. Another reminder that is part of your registration. You have personal access to the video library for 14 days, not seven. We increased it because we wanted you to have more access to the valuable videos. If you want access longer, or to share the videos with more people, we've created some options to make it easy to do that. Let's check out slack for more info. Now, the reason we're sharing all these videos and slides with you is because we want you to share them with others.


We want you to share the videos. We want you to share the slides. We want you to share sponsors, swag, and prizes. And most of all, we want you to share your learning and your stories with the people you work with. And speaking of sharing, we want your session feedback. You know what I'm going to say? Next feedback is a gift and sharing is caring for the last three days. We've been talking a lot about community. That's what this is all about. It's the spirit of the DevOps enterprise summit to get together, to go faster as a community. And there will be another opportunity for us all to get back together and go faster again next year, because we all have a need to connect to share and to learn. We have the DevOps enterprise summit in both Europe and the us will be virtual again for the summit in Europe next year. But if all goes according to plan, we'll be back in Vegas. In-person in 2022 until then be well, stay safe and we'll see you hopefully in person next year. Take care of buddy.