US 2021

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Day 2 Morning Close

We hope you enjoyed the morning plenary talks.


Jeff Gallimore

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Excella



Hey, I think we're on a roll. Now with day two of the DevOps enterprise summit. MRI is almost time for the break. So want to share some things to know before you go. The breakout talks will start after the break at 11:20 AM central time. Check out vendor dome at 12:20 PM central time. A couple of our sponsors are going beyond buzzwords to discuss and debate how to help teams have fun building cool software with less worry about bugs and outages. We have networking time and networking opportunities starting at 2:55 PM central time with birds of a feather and lean coffee. Remember the birds of a feather sessions will be in the birds of a feather room and gather so head there, if you want to participate, lean coffee will be in zoom and mural. So check out the lean coffee channel in slack to get the zoom link. If you'd like to join that, visit our sponsors in the virtual expo hall and check out the games for fun and prizes and be back here for more plenary talks starting at 4:15 PM central time. During the afternoon breakouts, you have a fantastic opportunity to accelerate your own leadership journey with Admiral John Richardson and captain Emily Bassett. They'll share their experiences with leader development for their time in the U S Navy and how you might apply those experiences for yourself. We have another special birds of a feather session today to hear more about today's session. Watch this from Suzette Johnson.


Hi, I'm Suzette Johnson. I'm excited to announce our fourth paper and the industrial DevOps series. This year. Our focus is on building industrial DevOps, stickiness industrial DevOps focuses on cyber physical solutions, comprise of hardware, firmware, and software. And this paper, we will focus on principle, one of industrial dev ops, which is to visualize and organize around the value stream while exploring some of the barriers for adoption. We will take you through the application of mental modeling, worldly mapping and Western's organization typology model to help identify miss alignments and gain a shared understanding of industrial dev ops. We will provide executives and leadership with insights that can help sustain and scale adoption and build industrial dev ops stickiness. As you read our paper, if you've had similar experiences, we would welcome the opportunity to hear from you. Thank you. And we hope you enjoy this year's publication.


Suzette. We'll be hosting this session during the networking time in the birds of a feather room and gather it will be in the space in the top right corner of that room. If you're interested in how to fit together, hardware, firmware, and software, and evolve them together, using DevOps patterns and practices, you'll definitely want to join the session during the breaks, explore the virtual hallway track for the summit and gather to connect with sponsors, speakers, and your fellow travelers. That's it for now. There's lots to learn out there. Go make the most of the opportunity.