Day 2 Closing Remarks (US 2021)

We hope you had a great Day 2 of DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual - US 2021!

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Gene Kim

Founder and Author, IT Revolution


Jeff Gallimore

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Excella



Another amazing day of the DevOps enterprise summit is in the books. Please, please, please get your session feedback in for the sessions you attended. Feedback is a gift and sharing is caring. We really want to hear from you reminder that we have the videos available in the video library. The videos of the plenary talks are available after the air, which means that all the plenary talks for yesterday and today are available in the library. And the videos of all the breakout talks over all three days are also available. Now, the slides for the talks are also available for download in the video library, linked to each talk.


And just like yesterday, we have another happy hour to get the info for that navigate to network and the top level menu, or check out the happy hour channel in slack. More it revolution authors are hosting. Ask me anything sessions during the happy hour. Again today, the first is with John smart, the author of sooner, safer, happier. Don't miss this opportunity. John is brilliant when it comes to transforming ways of working for the better. The second ask me anything session is with Jean Nicole, Jess and John, the authors of the second edition of the DevOps handbook. They've updated and expanded the content from five years ago with new research and new case studies. So come find out about all the new and just like yesterday, we have a lesson that we can learn from donuts and croissants when you're having your discussions tonight at happy hour, and you're engaging with other attendees in conversation, don't be closed off like a donut, be open to new participation and new conversation Liko croissant. So the lesson I leave you with again, is come on, say it with me. Don't be a donut, have a lot of fun at the happy hour tonight. And a reminder that we're back here tomorrow for opening remarks for the third and final day of the summit at 8:30 AM central time. I'll see you soon.