Day 1 Closing Remarks (US 2021)

We hope you had a great Day 1 of DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual - US 2021!

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Gene Kim

Founder and Author, IT Revolution


Jeff Gallimore

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Excella



Thank you so much, Virginia, and congratulations on your new posting. So to all of you, I hope you had a fantastic day one here at DevOps enterprise summit. I loved all of these talks today from target. We had Brett Craig and Luke redig, Denise Skinner and mark Byard from the governor of Canada, Christina yakamein and Robbie Gatesman from Vanguard, Kimberly Johnson, and Chris Porter from Fannie Mae, Admiral, John Richardson, and Virginia. And Lorenzano from the national security agency. And thank you for all the speakers who spoke and the breakout sessions. And I hope all of you learned as much as I have today. So tomorrow we have more great talks from Suncor SRE leaders from Google capital one, discover financial Dr. Steven spear E-bay and Dr. Ron Westrum. So I look forward to seeing all of you tonight in the networking sessions and see you tomorrow morning. Thank you.


It's the end of an amazing first day of the DevOps enterprise summit. And the great thing about it is it's not over yet. I'm going to share even more opportunities to connect, share, and learn with each other. Now you probably attended some great sessions today. Well, we want to hear about that. Please enter your feedback on the website for the sessions that you did attend. If feedback is really valuable to the speakers and to the programming committee, feedback is a gift and sharing is caring. So go to the website and enter your feedback reminder that we have the videos available in the video library, the videos of the plenary talks or available after the air, which means that all the plenary talks for today are already available in the library. And the videos of all the breakout talks over all three days are also available. Now, the slides for the talks are also available for download in the video library link to each talk.


And just because we're not together in person doesn't mean we can't have a happy hour. Yep. We have a happy hour navigate to network and the top level menu, or check out the happy hour channel in slack to get more information about how you can connect with attendees sponsors and IC revolution authors, thanks to our sponsors who are hosting sessions tonight and get into gathered to see what's happening there and connect with others. Jeffrey Fredrick, the author of one of our favorite books, agile conversations is holding a conversational dojo. You're not, but might not be exactly sure what a conversational dojo is. But with Jeffrey, I can assure you, it will be absolutely worth your time. Check out slack for more information on that, not Parker, the author of the soon to be released a radical enterprise is also hosting an ask me anything, find out how a radically collaborative organization can outperform the competition and create a super engaged workforce at the same time.


And now one final parting thought a lesson that we can learn from donuts and croissants for you summit veterans of the last few years, you know, the lesson for those of you who are new, hear me out. So imagine that you're at the virtual happy hour tonight, and you're engaged in a discussion. You have a drink in your hand, maybe. And you're talking with the group about the day now a new person joins your group. Well, how does your group feel to that newcomer? Does it feel kind of closed off and unwelcoming of new conversations closed off like a, like a donut or is it more like a croissant, more open and welcoming of new people and new topics and new contributions? So the lesson I want to leave you with as we go into the happy hour is don't be a donut. All right. With that, have fun at the happy hour. And if I don't see you there, I'll see you back here tomorrow for opening remarks at 8:30 AM central time, either way, I'll see you soon.