Banking on Flow Metrics – Bank of New Zealand Transformation Journey (US 2021)

Paul Littlefair is an award-winning CIO, a highly successful transformational leader in leading and transforming complex Technology units within an Enterprise to be a high performing unit focusing on improving flow, value delivery; He is a servant leader who believes in leaders to “empower people and give them the capability and appetite to be curious, to take risks, to experiment and bring their best every day”. As CTO, he is redefining the way Technology functions and bringing the Tech & Business together to achieve BNZ's goals - digital-first and human when it matters & enable technology to deliver customer outcomes. BMK Lakshminarayanan is an inspiring and passionate DevOps Advocate and Value Stream Architect promoting DevOps, Lean and Value Stream Management practices. He also serves as New Zealand ambassador for the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation(CNCF), DevOps Institute and Continuous Delivery Foundation(CDF), and a Board Advisor for the Value Stream Management consortium(VSMC).

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BMK Lakshminarayanan

Value Stream Architect, Bank of New Zealand


Paul Littlefair

Chief Technology Officer, Bank of New Zealand

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