Flow Engineering – Learning to Lead from the Inside Out (US 2021)

The most important information system you'll ever manage is your own mind. The next most important is your team. If you can tackle these challenges, the computers will fall into line. A world of accelerating change demands a new generation of management with the skills to drive decisive action and elevate performance. Managers tasked with delivering results collide with peers whose conflicting goals, perspectives, and incentives freeze progress and create a glacial pace of change. New thinking and practices are needed to act in alignment. You can't copy-and-paste a solution, and you can't do it alone. To collaborate effectively you need to create a shared map of the territory, and you need to pick your battles. This talk presents profound yet practical applications of systems thinking, psychology, and organizational design. On that foundation we share a step-by-step guide to visualizing the outcomes, processes, and dependencies that can tie you down or help you succeed. Co-create maps of the hidden relations and interactions that constrain your teams - maps that everyone can align with and act on. Replace deadlocks with shared insights. Reveal exactly what to do next. Learn how to reach across the whitespace in your org chart to replace friction with flow.

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Steve Pereira

Founder, Visible


Andrew Davis

Sr. Director of Research and Innovation, Copado

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