Connect More: How To De-Risk Your Enterprise App Integrations (Europe 2021)

Modern enterprise applications such as SAP and Salesforce make it easier than ever to connect applications, data, and processes across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. These integrations let you optimize operations across lines of business and drive delightful customer experiences. But with great power comes great responsibility. When your application landscape is being continuously updated, upgraded, and customized, a defect in any one release could lead to disaster for your business. How do you begin to push through the noise and concentrate on what really matters when innovating? Join us for an insightful investigation into how continuous end-to-end test automation can de-risk your enterprise integrations, letting you accelerate innovation while ensuring your business keeps running. We’ll we’ll share how having a common language and a risk-based, AI-powered approach to testing can help you focus resources, innovate faster and do it dependably. This session is presented by Tricentis.


Chris Trueman

SVP LiveCompare, Tricentis

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