Connecting Software Delivery to Business Outcomes: The Epic Balance of Moving Faster and Safer while Reducing Risk (Europe 2021)

Welcome to our world where software applications are the critical driver of business performance. Every moment, business is won or lost based on the software we deliver to our customers. And the demands of the customer are ever growing. That’s why companies across all industries are prioritizing software delivery to get better, more secure and compliant software to their customers faster. Nationwide Building Society is in the midst of an Agile transformation, driven by an exciting DevOps strategy. This strategy is enabling the secure delivery of new capabilities to ensure customer needs can be met faster, while meeting the compliance requirements necessary in a highly-regulated industry. Balancing developer innovation and autonomy with governance and compliance guardrails hasn’t been easy though. While their journey continues, Nationwide has made considerable progress, creating a modern, best in class software delivery architecture and culture, ensuring customer need is always front of mind. The need for speed is proportional to the need for safety. So, how do you deliver new capabilities to customers faster without compromising security? How do you adapt existing DevOps workflows to assure governance and compliance? How do you deliver consistent value? In this talk, Sacha Labourey, Chief Strategy Officer at CloudBees; Ben Angell, DevOps Engineering Lead, and Sanmat Jhanjhari, DevOps Lead at Nationwide will discuss the path they’ve taken and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. This session is presented by CloudBees.


Ben Angell

DevOps Engineering Lead, Nationwide Building Society


Sanmat Jhanjhari

DevOps Lead, Nationwide Building Society


Sacha Labourey

Chief Strategy Officer, CloudBees

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