Emerging Patterns & Anti-Patterns With Team Topologies (Europe 2021)

Since the publication of the book Team Topologies in September 2019, countless organizations around the world have begun to adopt Team Topologies principles for their digital operating model. In this talk, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais - co-authors of Team Topologies - explore some emerging patterns and trends of Team Topologies adoption. What do organizations find difficult to do? What challenges do organizations need to overcome to make the shift to a Team Topologies approach? What combinations of techniques work well? Learn how organizations are: - Using Team Topologies as a shared language across the organization - Using Team Topologies together with Domain-driven Design (DDD) for effective boundaries - Using Team Topologies with Wardley Mapping to increase situational awareness and decide how and what to build - Using the principles of Thinnest Viable Platform and Platform as a Product to help build successful modern platforms - Understand the aspects of Team Topologies that can be more challenging including: - Assessing team cognitive load - Introducing product management and agile delivery practices for infrastructure platforms and data platforms - Shifting from “compliance via manual inspection” to “compliance as code” - Increase your success with Team Topologies with these key insights from the authors of Team Topologies.


Manuel Pais

Co-Author, Team Topologies


Matthew Skelton

Co-Author, Team Topologies

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