Biz & Tech Partnership Towards 10 "No Fear Releases" Per Day (Las Vegas 2020)

We are currently transforming how work gets done, more specifically how we deliver software in a consistent, secure, reliable and efficient manner. This experience report focuses on a large customer facing value stream, servicing over 80 million accounts. It is made up of 25 Agile teams with approx.150+ engineers geographically distributed. We were previously using a vendor product running on a mainframe and manually releasing core capabilities to production on a monthly cadence. Today, we have transitioned to a reactive based micro services architecture in the Cloud that has enabled us to achieve far greater throughput. With close to 60 pipelines frequently releasing in small increments (~4300 releases over the last 12 months), we have minimized risk by maturing our engineering practices and increasing our adherence to automated control gates. This talk is centered around our close collaboration between Business, Engineering and Product to understand user needs as well as the alignment on shared roadmaps. The goal is to partner on achieving business AND tech outcomes - both delighting our customers while also being well managed. Was this easy? We are here to share our learnings, challenges faced, and how the team overcame these to achieve the goals set in place!


Jennifer Hansen

Director, Product Management Delivery Experience, Capital One


Rakesh Goyal

Director, Technology Engineering, Capital One


Biswanath (Bose) Basu

Senior Business Director, Anti-Money Laundering - Machine Learning and Fraud, Capital One

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