The Dirty Truth of DevSecOps: Feedback Loops, Culture Clashes, and Bionic Adversaries (Las Vegas 2020)

Join Dr. Stephen Magill (CEO at MuseDev) and Brian Fox (Co-founder and CTO at Sonatype) for a frank, interactive, and authentic discussion about DevSecOps. This VendorDome is not aimed at product pitches around technology, but on honest discussions of what it takes for enterprises to continuously improve upon their DevSecOps practices, culture, and collaboration efforts. 

Stephen and Brian will share insights from years of discussions and guidance they've shared with fellow CEOs, CTOs, and CISOs within the DevOps community. They will share insights from enterprises on the leading edge of DevSecOps, discuss anti-patterns pursued with the best of intentions that delivered poor results, and invite attendees to shed light on epic failures and successes from their own enterprises.

 This session is presented by Sonatype and MuseDev.


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Derek Weeks

VP, Sonatype


Dr. Stephen Magill

CEO, MuseDev


Brian Fox

CTO, Sonatype

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