Transformation at U.S. Bank - Laying Groundwork, Crucibles, and Toxic Waste (Las Vegas 2020)

Last year at DOES Werner Loots and Levi Geinert walked us through the evolving digital transformation at U.S. Bank. This year Werner is joined by Ian Eslick to discuss the company’s broader investments in modernization and in particular the impact on strategy created by the challenges and opportunities created by Covid-19. They will share with us the conceptual foundation for digital transformation and modernization the company has built over the past several years, specific challenges and opportunities created by Covid-19, and how the company has responded with a commitment to accelerating transformation activities and DevOps adoption. At the conclusion they introduce several mechanisms they will be exploring in the coming year to ensure that the new tools and techniques they are introducing are broadly adopted across the company’s development teams.


Werner Loots

EVP - Transformation, U.S. Bank


Ian Eslick

Chief Architect for Digital Technology Strategy & Modernization, U.S. Bank

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