DevOps: Approaching Cruising Altitude (Las Vegas 2020)

A few years back American Airlines started on a journey that was originally focused on DevOps transformation within IT, but has continued to build momentum and evolve into a product delivery transformation encompassing the entire business. Come learn how American Airlines approached this journey, which has grown out of a series of questions that American realized they needed to tackle as they continued to level up. Drawing on inspiration from unicorns, early adopters/influencers in this space, as well as thought leaders in the DevOps Community, American Airlines set out to deliver value faster through automation and building leaner IT processes. With the vision to deliver value faster guiding them, American Airlines realized that achieving this outcome required them to tackle bigger challenges across the business, including moving to a product based organizational and funding model, introducing new roles and upskilling talent, and building broad leadership support and business champions all the way up to and including their CEO. Key to their journey’s success has been not only their passionate team members who’ve done the work to transform but also the support these executive level leaders have given the transformation.


Ross Clanton

Managing Director, Chief Architect - Technology Transformation, American Airlines


Maya Leibman

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, American Airlines

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