Alleviating Product-Engineering Angst (Las Vegas 2020)

Great products are the result of smart plans, alignment, and collaboration across product and engineering teams. With 79% of business leaders believing that the customer experience would benefit if the product, marketing, and IT/engineering teams worked together more closely, it’s incredibly important that these teams collaborate effectively. However, with different goals and management structures, how can product and engineering teams ensure they work well together, and flawlessly deliver for their customers? As Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, we’ve each experienced firsthand the challenges that can arise when our teams aren’t aligned. If your product and engineering teams aren’t tightly coupled and embedded during the development process, things can start to go off the rails quickly. And when your teams aren’t aligned on how to best serve your customers, neither can be effective. In this session, we’ll outline the steps we took to solve this problem, including the structural and cultural changes we implemented to ensure our teams are aligned—and how we ensure they stay aligned—both on business goals and objectives as well as on delivering better products quickly and safely. Attendees will learn how to establish a culture of collaboration, from harnessing shared goals and objectives, to realigning strategies and objectives to avoid traditional product and engineering angst. Attendees will leave armed with proven methods and insights to alleviate the angst between their product and engineering teams.


Claire Vo

Chief Product Officer, Optimizely


Lawrence Bruhmuller

Chief Technology Officer, Optimizely

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