Humanizing DevOps through Data (Las Vegas 2020)

When we talk about DevOps, there are three main conversations that form around people, processes, and technology. These concepts dig into the heart of DevOps. For people, its building a healthy culture that supports increased collaboration and shared responsibility. When discussing processes, we tend to focus on how efficient we can make a particular workflow. This requires organizations to constantly reevaluate how they operate to identify new bottlenecks and develop a leaner alternative. Technology is an ever-changing conversation ranging from modernization, security vulnerabilities, quality assurance, and automation. What works, what doesn’t? We embrace these conversations as part of the valuable feedback cycles that DevOps creates so that we can learn how to improve our everyday actions. With the majority of our workforce remote, we’ve lost part of the human interaction that helps teams collaborate, communicate, and understand the day to day challenges that come with creating great software. In this presentation we will take a look at the important role data plays within our DevOps organization, and how that data can influence many aspects of our organization, including people (culture), processes (tracking and planning), and technology (business agility). We will also discuss how data can be leveraged to create a culture filled with empathy and understanding. Many employers are starting to look at key “Human Skills” as part of their DevOps hiring strategy. We will cover the different types of human skills that are most sought after, and also how can we use data to help individual contributors grow from a “T-shaped” skillset to an “E-Shaped” skillset. We will also discuss how data can be leveraged to improve communication, visibility, and improve alignment between engineering and the business. This session is presented by HCL Software DevOps.

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Steve Boone

Head of Product Management, HCL Software DevOps

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