Building the Bank for the Future – HSBC Americas DevOps Transformation Story (Las Vegas 2020)

HSBC is a global bank serving more than 40 million personal, wealth and corporate customers worldwide in 64 countries and territories. HSBC Technology takes on some of the world’s biggest financial and data challenges for our customers. The purpose is to transform world’s banking experience to make it simpler, better and faster; to make it safe and secure; to make it easier for people to manage their money and companies to do business. This is the story of DevOps transformation in HSBC Americas which has been one of the driving forces in transforming the way IT services are delivered to businesses and embedding new IT capabilities for the future. HSBC Americas has partnered with Infosys to drive this transformation. Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. Infosys recognizes that agility with resilience is the new mantra for success in these times. Over the years Infosys has made significant investments in scaling its distributed agile & devops ecosystem and leveraging it effectively in delivering value to clients. Infosys has most recently been rated as the # 1 Agile Development Services Provider for 2020 by HFS Research, a leading analyst firm. Donald Patra is the Chief Information Officer of HSBC for Americas, heading Technology function in the region across US, Canada and Latin America. Donald has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology spanning over various industries as entrepreneur and in consulting with Ernst & Young LLP, with half of his career in the financial services sector. In these roles over the past 25 years, Donald has also been in the Board of Directors for several Technology companies in Canada and also with HSBC. Donald has also served on the Board for HSBC Software Development Pvt. Ltd., and also been nominated as the top 20 CIOs to be part of the Governing Board for the CIO leadership council. Donald has master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Mississippi State University and Bachelors in Industrial and Production Engineering from Allahabad University in India. This session is presented by Infosys.

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Alok Uniyal

VP & Head Agile DevOps, Infosys


Donald Patra

EVP and Chief Information Officer, HSBC Americas

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