Service Level Objectivity: Improving Mutual Understanding Through the Language of SRE Accepted (MediaMath and Google) (Las Vegas 2020)

Prioritizing reliability is hard. Is our service stable enough? Are we shipping features fast enough? Not only do different disciplines (operators, developers, product managers, executives) have different perspectives, they may speak in very different terms: how does “increasing disk I/O” translate to “greater market share?” Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) provides a framework in which shared goals can be described in a common language. In this session, Adam Shake, Director of Site Reliability Engineering at leading AdTech firm MediaMath, reflects on an ongoing initiative to reimplement and improve SRE throughout the company. It’s a journey that requires engaging diverse stakeholders in frank discussions about tradeoffs between reliability and feature development. Attendees will hear a first-hand account of methods that work to align teams, and how small improvements in communication can have a big impact on technology outcomes.

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David Stanke

Developer Advocate, Google


Adam Shake

Director of Site Reliability Engineering, MediaMath Source

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