Work Radical: How Radically Collaborative Organizations Out Recruit, Out Retain, and Out Innovate the Competition (Las Vegas 2020)

The traditional enterprise's days are numbered; radically collaborative organizations are out recruiting, out retaining, and out innovating the competition. In this talk, Matt K. Parker, author of the upcoming book "Work Radical" from IT Revolution, will introduce you to a number of organizations practicing radical collaboration. He'll show you how radical collaborators disrupt through learning, caring, and safe-making. You'll see how those values lead to radically collaborative team structures, like autonomy of space, autonomy of practice, and autonomy of allocation. And he'll explain how those structures lead organizations to be adaptive, addictive, and viral. He'll also tell you a little known story about a radically collaborative alternative to the Toyota Way. Don't miss this compelling look into the history and promise of radical collaboration!

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Matthew Parker

Author, Work Radical

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