Kubernetes Attacks: What is Your Cluster Trying to Tell You? (Las Vegas 2020)

If an attacker got inside your cluster, would you know about it? Kubernetes has become the defacto standard for container orchestration, bringing with it a new set of security challenges. One of the biggest problems we see, among DevOps and Security teams alike, is a lack of knowing what to look for when it comes to malicious activity. In this session, you’ll learn how to detect and respond to threats at runtime. We’ll share practical strategies for pinpointing malicious activity, and you’ll be armed with the knowledge and confidence to not delay efforts to secure your Kubernetes and container environment. We’ll also look at examples for how many enterprises are already reducing risk with a secure DevOps approach. This session is presented by Sysdig.

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Pawan Shankar

Product Marketing Director, Sysdig


Brad Geesaman

Co-founder and Chief Security Architect, Darkbit

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