Impression Management and Psychological Safety for High Performing Teams (Las Vegas 2020)

We all know Psychological Safety is the bedrock of high performance in teams and after tens of years of the academia, Google and the DevOps community trying to underline its importance, the business world is starting to take notice and focus on this healthy and necessary team dynamic. At the heart of Psychological Safety - its positive desirable behavior - that of being open and speaking up. Impeding it - the main patters of negative behaviors stopping teammates from being courageous and speaking up - "Impression Management" - the fear of appearing Ignorant, Incompetent, Negative, Disruptive or Intrusive if they do so. When teammates and leaders alike succumb to these fears, it is a sign that Psychological Safety is low and it is dropping even further so performance suffers. We have to learn to recognize the patterns and stop these behaviors in their tracks to protect the magical team bubble where we can be elite. PeopleNotTech designed a solution to measure and increase Psychological Safety by working with hundreds of teams around the world -in particular in financial services- and they are citing some of the examples they've come across.

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Ffion Jones

Partner, PeopleNotTech


Duena Blomstrom

Author, Co-Founder and CEO, Emotional Banking and PeopleNotTech

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