From One API Deployment to Thousands, the Journey of an Innersource CI/CD Framework (Las Vegas 2020)

In large Enterprises, CI/CD pipelines sprout like mushrooms after rain. How then did a framework built in a remote office far from headquarters grow to become the dominant way thousands of engineers across three countries build and deploy their applications? The answer is the power of Innersource and fostering a community of advocates, contributors and enthusiastic users. This session will take you on the winding and sometimes fraught journey of a successful Innersource project and the many lessons learned along the way. You will walk away with ideas and approaches for fostering an Innersource project, setting ground rules for contributions, elevating and growing the community, and for any large Enterprise; navigating corporate bureaucracy and politics.


Roderick Randolph

Director, Distinguished Engineer, Capital One


Arthur Maltson

Distinguished Engineer, Capital One

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