Interactive Virtual Value Stream Mapping - Visualizing Flow in a Virtual World (Las Vegas 2020)

An important tool in the DevOps transformation toolkit is conducting a value stream mapping( VSM) workshop to help all the stakeholders in the organization visualize the flow of work, see areas of waste, and identify areas for improvement. While not the first step in a DevOps transformation, Value Stream Mapping workshops make excellent tools in helping organizations that feel “stuck” and unable to get the expected values (Speed, quality) out of their DevOps transformations. In this talk I will share my experience running VSM workshops for different organizations and teams and walk through the steps of setting up a virtual workshop and running one for your organization with examples. Prior Value stream knowledge is not required, and there will be a set of templates provided in the interactive conference Q&A to help you learn how to run your own value stream mapping session.


Paula Thrasher


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