Chasing the Unicorns at T-Mobile (Las Vegas 2020)

Twelve hour outage bridges, worn out headphones, 90% unplanned work, and 25TB of randomly corrupted file systems were normal business for T-Mobile developer platforms. When the foundation of where software delivery happens is the bottleneck, throughput remains buried under a large pile of debt. Ripe for improvement, T-Mobile has begun to embrace DevOps principles including transparency, telemetry, post-mortems, and continuous experimentation to spark a turnaround of historic proportions. Listen as Chris Hill, Senior Manager of Developer Platforms, walks through a journey capitalizing on T-Mobile culture and desire to create experiences customers love. The culture, otherwise know as "Team Magenta" lead to an appetite to change and now has teams achieving up to 30x throughput gains and decreased deployment pain.


Chris Hill

Senior Manager, Developer Platforms, T-Mobile

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