DevOps and Internal Audit: A Great Partnership (Las Vegas 2020)

How can you “pass an audit” in a DevOps environment? How does a segregation of duties control fit into DevOps? How is risk mitigated when using a continuous delivery model? These are common questions practitioners ask when adopting DevOps. Incorporating DevOps practices into the delivery pipeline can have significant impacts across the three lines of defense, from DevOps practitioners to Internal Auditors. By attending this session, attendees will learn to change the way they think about risks and controls, including how they’re performed and assessed. Attendees will also learn about how DevOps can positively impact their experience during an internal audit (enabling greater self-service, increased use of analytics, reduced need for manual sign-offs, etc.).


Clarissa Lucas

IT Audit Director, Nationwide Insurance


Rusty Lewis

IT Auditor, Nationwide Insurance

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