Overcoming and Understanding - How we Bridged the IT/Business Gap, and Learned to Trust Each Other (Las Vegas 2020)

Strong, trusting relationships between IT and business do not always exist at the start of a project or inception of a team. How do you deliver business value quickly while also reducing your tech debt footprint? On our teams, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with our business partners, where they not only trust the decisions IT makes for the technology we use, but allow the team to prioritize technology upgrades before delivering business value. Through honest communication, transparency, and a proven track record of delivery, both parties recognize the value of addressing these topics simultaneously. Not only do we stay ahead of the tech debt curve, our business partners recognize and can speak to the business value in the technology upgrade. In return, the team feels valued, stays motivated, is willing to take more risks, and ultimately delivers everyone’s goal – business value faster. In this session, you will learn about our previous mindset of, ‘Ask for everything now or it won’t happen,’ the conversations/topics we addressed to shift our way of thinking for both IT and business, and the risks we asked the teams to take to build trust. We will walk through real examples of what worked for our teams (and what didn’t for some), how to stop the tug of war between business delivery and technical debt priority, and how you can ultimately help bridge the divide between business team members and IT team members to speak the same language.


Amanda Palovcsik

Senior IT Manager, Agile Practice, CUNA Mutual Group


Jim Collins

IT Manager and Technical Product Owner, CUNA Mutual Group

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