Cloud - Banking on the Future (Las Vegas 2020)

KeyBank started its DevOps Journey in 2015 with a small group designing and implementing container workloads, continuous integration, and automated testing. This work resulted in being able to deliver on commitments to new user experience, being able to release more frequently, and being able to release more confidently. Over the course of the past several years, the group grew to include observability and monitoring, while also adding responsibilities for overall technology planning. Building in core observability and monitoring capabilities we were able to provide a vital feedback loop into the development community. Pulling in metrics, telemetry, and aggregating data provide our teams with the ability to make data-driven decisions. Once the group had gotten through many of the “day 2” problems and scaling hurdles we began to tackle cloud workloads. Historically, we had been very “traditional” running our workloads within our own data center. However, we were given the opportunity to scale our practices and move some of our core processes out into the cloud. Taking what we had learned throughout the years we based on end to end approach using infrastructure as code (IaC), agile planning, CI/CD, and automation. We chose to move away from traditional planning, change management, and siloed team development. This approach allowed us, within six months and with only a team of five, to build everything we needed to have our first production workloads go live in mid-January of 2020. We have many more “go-lives” planned throughout the rest of 2020 and the principals and practices we’ve used will allow them to be “non-events”. In this session, you will learn how the KeyBank team used core DevOps practices as accelerators to drive for a successful first of many Cloud “go-lives”.


Mick Miller

Senior Product Manager, Cloud Native, KeyBank


Chris McFee

Director of DevOps Practices, KeyBank

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