Making Change Painfully with Conversational Dojos (Las Vegas 2020)

Is your company adopting the structures of successful organisations, but not seeing results? "High velocity organizations differ from low-velocity organizations both structurally and dynamically” says Dr. Stephen J. Spear in High Velocity Edge, and you are probably ignoring the dynamics, the conversations that let you deal effectively with the complexity of organizational behavior and get input from many different perspectives. The good news is there are proven methods for improving your conversational skills. The bad news is that improving your conversational skills requires difficult emotional work. To make this difficult emotional work easier, don’t go it alone - follow our step-by-step approach to learning with a conversational dojo, a group who practise and learn together to improve their conversations.


Douglas Squirrel

Co-Author, Agile Conversations


Jeffrey Fredrick

Co-Author, Agile Conversations

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