Gene Kim's Banking Playlist

I was speaking with a friend in a large bank, and I ended up writing him a letter recommending some talks that I thought would be useful. Full commentary available here:

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London 2020
DevOps Beyond the Tools

Andrea Hausmann

Head of Program Strategy & Engagement, Credit Suisse

Duncan Lawie

Director, DevOps and Development Practices, Credit Suisse

Las Vegas 2019
JUST GET STARTED - You Don’t Need DevOps to Talk to Customers and Remove Silos

Levi Geinert

SVP, and Head of Agile Technology Experience,, U.S. Bank

Werner Loots

EVP Consumer and Business Banking, U.S. Bank

Las Vegas 2020
Transformation at U.S. Bank - Laying Groundwork, Crucibles, and Toxic Waste

Ian Eslick

Chief Architect for Digital Technology Strategy & Modernization, U.S. Bank

Werner Loots

EVP - Transformation, U.S. Bank

London 2020
How a Colossus Took a Duck and Turned it into a Unicorn

Victoria Mayo

Head of Compliance- iptiQ EMEA P&C, Swiss Re

James Head

Founder, Rebellion Consulting

London 2020
Dynamic Learning At Enterprise Scale In The Late 20th Century U.S. Navy

Dr. Steven Spear

Author, The High Velocity Edge: How Market Leaders Leverage Operational Excellence to Beat the Competition

Las Vegas 2020
Why Do Organizations Exist and Struggle To Do What They Need To Do?

Dr. Steve Spear

DBA MS MS, Author, The High Velocity Edge, Senior Lecturer, MIT, Principal, See to Solve LLC, Author,

Las Vegas 2020
More Principles and Practices From Team of Teams

Jessica Reif

Director of Research & Development, CrossLead Inc.

David Silverman

Co-Author, Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World