David Anderson & Mark McCann’s Lean Engineering Organization Playlist

Discover how to create a lean engineering organization with this playlist curated by David Anderson and Mark McCann, coauthors of The Value Flywheel Effect. Full commentary available here: https://itrevolution.com/lean-engineering-organization-playlist/

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The Flywheel Effect Creates Space for Innovation (Europe 2022) *

David Anderson

Bazaarvoice, Technical Fellow

Michael O'Reilly

Software Architect, Globalization Partners

Product Org Design: Flow Follows Form (Europe 2022) *

Dr. Mik Kersten

Founder and CEO, Tasktop

Managing the Flow of Value in Service Organizations (Europe 2022)

Ivan Krnić

Director of Engineering, CROZ

Krešimir Musa


Leading from the Middle (Europe 2022)

Steve Pereira

CEO and Founder, Visible

Andrew Davis

Author, Mastering Salesforce DevOps

Emerging Patterns & Anti-Patterns With Team Topologies (Europe 2021)

Matthew Skelton

Co-Author, Team Topologies

Manuel Pais

Co-Author, Team Topologies

Information Flow Cultures (Europe 2021) *

Dr. Ron Westrum

Eastern Michigan University, Emeritus Professor of Sociology

A Radical Enterprise: Pioneering the Future of High Performance (US 2021)

Matt K. Parker

Author, Technology Consultant, and Organizational Architect, 'A Radical Enterprise'