David Anderson & Mark McCann’s Effective Cloud Adoption Playlist

David Anderson and Mark McCann, coauthors of The Value Flywheel Effect, helped create the Serverless-First strategy at Liberty Mutual in 2016. They were able to achieve significant, multi-million dollar business results; create a new, industry-leading engineering standard within Liberty Mutual; and lead a generation of architects to become cloud leaders in their own right. Full commentary available here: https://itrevolution.com/cloud-adoption-playlist/

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Europe 2022
Rebuilding Security Culture with Security Champions: Our experience at IBM, Red Hat & NatWest Group

Ann Marie Fred

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Siddharth Pareek

Senior Vice President Consulting, NatWest Group

Europe 2022
The Flywheel Effect Creates Space for Innovation

David Anderson

Bazaarvoice, Technical Fellow

Michael O'Reilly

Software Architect, Globalization Partners

Europe 2021
You Suck at Cloud and It's [Not] All Your Fault

Corey Quinn

The Duckbill Group, Chief Cloud Economist

Europe 2022
Nobody is Left Behind

Stephan Stapel

Head of Customer Solutions, Hermes Germany GmbH

Las Vegas 2019
Experimentation and Evolution with Wardley Maps

Cat Swetel

Engineering manager, Ticketmaster

Europe 2021
From 6-Eye Principle to Release at Scale – adidas Digital Tech 2021

Fernando Cornago

VP, Digital Tech, adidas

Vikalp Yadav

Senior Director- Head of Digital SRE Operations, adidas

Andreia Otto

SRE Champion WnM Services, adidas