Topo Pal's DevOps Metrics & Measurements Playlist

After more than a decade into the DevOps movement, “what to measure?” still remains a question. These videos always give me new ideas. Full commentary available here:

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The Key to High Performance: What the Data Says (San Francisco 2017) *

Dr. Nicole Forsgren

Founder and CEO, DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)

The Data Behind DevOps - Becoming a High Performer (Las Vegas 2018) *

Dr. Nicole Forsgren

CEO and Chief Scientist, DORA

Jez Humble


DevOps Transformation - Metrics That Show Business Value (Las Vegas 2019)

David Kennedy

Solutions Architect, Compuware

David Rizzo

Vice President of Product Engineering, Compuware

OK NOTOK OKRs — 3Ms: Mindset, Mission and Measurement (Europe 2021) *

Jon Smart

Founder, Business Agility Coach and Leader, Sooner Safer Happier

How to Misuse and Abuse DORA Metrics (US 2021)

Bryan Finster

Distinguished Engineer & Value Stream Architect, USAF Platform 1