Jason Cox's SRE Playlist

Whether you have a mature SRE organization in place already or are just starting out in your SRE journey, I believe you will find these talks to be compelling and inspiring. Full commentary available here: https://itrevolution.com/jason-cox-sre-playlist/

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US 2021
How Google SRE and Developers Work Together

Jennifer Petoff, PhD

Director, SRE Education, Google

Christof Leng, PhD

SRE Engagements Engineering Lead, Google

Las Vegas 2020
Service Level Objectivity: Improving Mutual Understanding Through the Language of SRE Accepted (MediaMath and Google)

Adam Shake

Director of Site Reliability Engineering, MediaMath Source

David Stanke

Developer Advocate, Google

London 2019
When Is SRE Right For You?

Stephen Thorne

Staff Site Reliability Engineer, Google

US 2021
Iterative Enterprise SRE Transformation

Christina Yakomin

Site Reliability Engineer, Vanguard

Robbie Daitzman

Vanguard Intermediary Platform – Delivery Lead, Vanguard

US 2021
Building Confidence in Your SRE Team

Michael Winslow

Senior Director, Software Development & Engineering, Comcast

US 2021
Chaos and Reliability: A Surprising Friendship in the Enterprise

Troy Koss

Director, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), Capital One

Courtney Nash

Senior Research Analyst, Verica